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Business development-challenges and how to overcome them

Common Business Development Challenges and How to Overcome Them

As in all areas of life and work, obstacles often have to be overcome in business development: On the one hand, there are external obstacles, which are often essentially rooted in the law firm.
Implementing Business Development

Implementing Business Development

How does a vision become reality? How is the strategy implemented? What goals can I set? What measures can I take? What steps are necessary to positively change one’s own behavior? Here are some suggestions:
Business development strategy - best practices

Creating a Business Development Strategy

In law school they do not teach you that a large percentage of the job is business development. A successful business developer has special qualities – but they don’t have to be innate, they can all be learned.
Why Business Development with a business development team

Why Business Development

There are many people who are not involved in consciously looking for or actively pursuing business development opportunities. They have a number of explanations, none of which seem really convincing to me:
Levels Coaching – Dr. Christian Kessel

Levels of Coaching

In principle, three different levels of coaching may be distinguished. Let’s look at them in detail.
Coaching vs Mentoring, Consulting – Dr. Christian Kessel

Coaching vs. Mentoring, Consulting, Counselling

Almost everyone serving another person in any form of personal advisory capacity is commonly referred to as a coach. But not every personal and interactive discussion between two people is necessarily coaching.


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