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With more than 30 years of successful business development I help to advance you with greater business success to find your way of realising your full potential in your profession – individually or corporately.
Portrait Dr. Christian Kessel
“I strongly believe that every professional is able to be a successful business developer and even rainmaker.”
Christian Kessel knows what he’s talking about because he himself has acquired clients every day as a partner. I am happy to recommend Christian Kessel to new partners and experienced partners alike.
Dr. Alexander Insam
Remuneration and ESG expert, labour lawyer and mediator
GÖRG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft, Frankfurt
It is a rare opportunity to be advised by an actual rainmaker, who is no longer busy rainmaking but willing to share his insights and teach the required skills.
Dr. Lutz Hülsdunk
Real Estate
Leo Schmidt-Hollburg Witte & Frank, Frankfurt/Hamburg
As regards business development, our team transitioned from initial hesitancy to genuine enthusiasm. Christian’s workshop catalysed a profound shift, leaving an indelible mark on our approach to growth and collaboration.
Clarette du Plooy
Former Partner
t’charta AG, Zurich, Switzerland
We can warmly recommend every ambitious colleague to exchange ideas with Christian on the subject of Business Development.
David Schwab
Managing Director
Clients & Candidates
With years of successful experience as a rainmaker, Christian teaches me practical techniques to move on and step up in business development. I now have more than five leads to follow up every week. My fees have increased significantly, and my network has expanded.
Partner at an international law firm
He helped me define my goals, test assumptions and thus increase chances of success. He is an experienced lawyer and dedicated coach who motivates, inspires and challenges his clients.
Partner at an international law firm
With Christian’s help I learned how to improve and expand (and in some respects even to start) my BD activities.
Counsel at an international law firm
Christian‘s coaching has added real value to my legal practice.
Counsel at an international law firm
Christian’s understanding of the inner mechanics of “business development” is impressive and evidenced by his track-record.
Dr. Philipp Egler, Partner
Automotive Sector Group/Disputes
Bird & Bird LLP, Frankfurt
Christian is an excellent mentor and coach for anyone who is going to do business in the legal market.
Dr. Matthias Spilker, Partner
Automotive Sector Group/Commercial & Disputes
Bird & Bird LLP, Düsseldorf
Christian has a strong ability to promote business development capabilities in those he supports and to make business development become a much more natural thing to do.
Miriam Richter, Counsel
Automotive Sector Group/Commercial & Disputes
Bird & Bird LLP, Munich
It was particularly great to see Christian developing several of our associates and counsel into partnership. All of them are very successful and I attribute this very much to Christian’s training and coaching.
Sven-Erik Heun, Partner
Managing Partner Germany 2015-2021
Bird & Bird LLP, Frankfurt
The business development sessions held by Christian are probably amongst the best BD trainings that I attended in my 30 year career as a lawyer in two major international law firms.
Anne Federle, Partner
Automotive Sector Group/Competition Law
Bird & Bird LLP, Brussels
As a more junior partner, I found his practical tips on business development and client service inspiring and he has been a wonderful mentor. I would thoroughly recommend him.
Jonathan Emmanuel, Partner
Financial Services & Automotive Sector Groups
Bird & Bird LLP, London
Christian has helped me greatly by regularly talking me through the issues of developing my own practice and leading me towards successfully building a business case for partnership.
Lars Kyrberg, Partner
Energy & Infrastructure Sector Group
Bird & Bird LLP, Hamburg


I am a Rainmaker – Responsible for a Tenfold Rise in Turnover over 15 Years.

In over 30 years in two international law firms, more than 20 years as a partner, successful leader of various industry sector or focus groups and having become a proverbial rainmaker I have coached, empowered and led many lawyers to become successful partners.

I love to invest in people, from young professionals to seasoned partners. I provide the necessary skills and best practices for efficient and effective business development as well as overcoming obstacles.

I therefore offer coaching to individuals on successful business development, how to achieve career goals or manage their career, and, ultimately, how to make partner. I also assist firms to devise and implement strategies to successfully develop new practice areas, venture into new industry sectors, empower and/or motivate teams, and I provide trainings for the firms’ members.


Your Solution to Successful Business Development.

Asking you powerful questions in one-on-one conversations to explore options or alternatives and cause you to arrive at your own solutions.
Advising individuals (mentoring) or the firm’s management on strategies and their implementation.
Instructing groups of professionals about efficient and effective business development measures including the necessary mindsets 
and practical skills.
Assisting you on Business Development and/or career advancing documents.
Transitions may be forced upon you by external circumstances but they may also be initiated by you intentionally to reach personal goals.
Creating the abundant life that you have always hoped to achieve.
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Get Real Benefits from a Rainmaker.

Develop a Vision and Strategy

Without a vision and a strategy to implement it, successful Business Development is unnecessarily burdensome and inefficient, if not impossible.

Empowering Your Team for Business Development

From a certain size of your practice 
or business, further successful Business Development requires a larger base – an empowered team.

Practical Skills

Build on proven and experience based practical skills. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Going to the Market

Invading the market and presenting yourself as a key market player may 
be the simple most successful means of Business Development.

Overcoming Personal Obstacles

What is rarely talked about: Obstacles keep you from achieving your goals and ambitions. Let’s address them and get rid of them!

Developing Contacts from Targets to Clients

A huge network of contacts is great but not enough. Your contacts need 
to become your clients. That is an 
art in itself.

Building Personal Relationships

Building good, long-term personal relationships and avoiding pitfalls is often more easily said than done.

Realising Your Full Potential

If you feel you are not making the most of your qualifications or you do not reap the fruits that you have worked hard for – please be assured: Your full potential can be realised.

Be Creative in Business Development

Be bold and courageous in testing and trying new things in Business Development – be creative in devising your Business Development activities or events.

Creating a Culture of Business Development

Business Development should be done consistently and continuously – it then becomes a culture for individuals, teams and entire firms.

Building an Industry Specialisation

Industry specialisation is a key differentiator, creates a competitive edge and is achievable with some tenacity.

Positioning Yourself as a Market Leader

Winning new business is so much easier when you are a brand yourself – recognized as an expert and market leader.


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