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Transition Coaching – Dr. Christian Kessel

Life is not Steady and Transitions Happens whether

Transitions may be forced upon you by external circumstances, but they may also be initiated by you intentionally to reach personal goals – whether in your private or professional life.

Transition happens when you

In Germany - and also in many other countries or cultural environments - we mostly have no ‘culture of transition’ which means we often are

Therefore we are not used to take on board people, who support or coach us, or simply share wisdom with us.

Even when I was not yet a professional coach, I could support already many people, who came and trusted me, appreciated my ability to ask good questions and also my counsel in their transition processes – both in my professional sphere of influence as well as in my private environment.
On the other side, in all stages of my adult life I had people around me, who simply were there for me, supported me and were my wise advisers or encouragers. Later in my life I learned how to pursue life with greater intentionality, and how to set priorities and also boundaries. Also on my retirement from Bird & Bird I have – eventually – greatly benefited from hiring a transition coach.

So, I am keen to help you going through transition to make that process smooth and easier for you.

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